Create a million stores, pencil club children's wear your dream of wealth

What is the best money now earn, women and children's money is best earned. "Low investment, high profits." Speaking of children's clothing store, many people will think of these. Indeed, for now, there are more than 300 million children in China, all of whom are the darling of the family. Even if a child spends a dollar, that will amount to more than 300 million. Of course, selling clothes is a good business. Children's clothing industry sounds very profitable, however, why there are still many people shop unsuccessful? Or make money? Here, remind investors want to do children's clothing to join some of the investment process should be noted. (Dongguan Dongcheng Haiya Pencil Club counter annual sales of 1.1 million) First of all, must make plans before investing no matter which industry to choose, no matter what kind of project, must be planned. How much money to invest, how much revenue to expect per month, how much profit, how much net profit, and when the total investment can be recovered? All these issues must be planned well in advance and the more detailed the better. (Chongqing Jiangbei Maoye pencil club counters with annual sales of 1.04 million) Second, we must carefully selected children's wear market to join the unlimited business opportunities are limited. In recent years, the hot new chain industry is emerging, but many industries did not fire how long disappear. Therefore, the choice of children's wear to join the industry, we must carefully assess the clear: you want to join the industry has good prospects for development. If the industry is in its infancy, it means that the current competitors are not too many. The whole market will have huge room for growth in the future. The sooner it is put into operation, the more likely it is to gain profits and the more accumulated experience and profits The higher the probability of. Investors who want to join an already over-competitive and over-crowded business must carefully weigh the risks. (Shenzhen East Gate Maoye Pencil Club counter annual sales of 2.98 million) Once again, we must also be cautious choice of children's wear brand to join the selection of the right brand children's clothing, investment is the most crucial part. In general, the more competitive the chain brand, the more complete its children's clothing joining system, the more powerful its financial strength and strength, the better its development prospects, and thus more able to ensure children's clothing franchisees profit. Select the children's wear brand to join the weak brand headquarters, although less children's clothing to join the initial fee and the deposit, but in contrast, the headquarters can enjoy less resources and help less; so many things are to rely on the children's clothing franchise themselves , Competitiveness will naturally be weaker. Just won the "National Top Ten children's clothing brand," the title of the pencil club children's clothing, from Italy, France and other internationally renowned clothing designer team, well-built quarterly products; quality of goods can effectively control and protection; own apparel surface accessories testing center , Harsh testing of each technical indicators, from the source control of product safety; top 100 brands in the apparel industry marketing elite marketing team; professional marketing team and outreach PR, advertising companies, together to boost the brand market; full professional marketing service system, Throughout the market analysis, site selection, product organization, staff training, marketing; In addition, the operation and management will be followed up to ensure return on investment; Currently, franchise stores have been all over the country's major cities, franchise stores have more than 1,000. To create a million stores, pencil club children's clothing is your dream of achieving wealth of choice! (Guangzhou Tianhe Jusco Pencil Club counter annual sales of 3.41 million) Finally, the children's wear industry to join the localization of the survey selected children's clothing chain to join the industry, but also a lot of local market research to analyze the development of the industry in the area, whether it has Compatibility, the existing situation of children's franchisee and the actual location of the site, do not blindly launched. If these are all you have prepared, then, congratulations, you shop has been successful, a million store is no longer a dream! From July 17th to 19th, the Pencil Club, Pencil Mini and Andy Party under Dongguan Tim Cheung Fashion Co., Ltd. will be attending the 2013CME Shanghai Expo. At that time, Elegant, classic, healthy image brings new fashion, interpretation of different charm childhood, welcome customers and friends to visit the industry, share the visual feast they bring you!

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