Silverware classification and difference

There are a variety of silver jewelry on the market, so there are Thai silver, Tibetan silver, 925 silver, silver, Miao silver and football.

What is the difference? What is 18KGP and 23KGP?

Sterling silver is also known as silver. At present, the highest purity that can be refined by the existing science is 92.5%. Sterling silver is generally used as a reserve for the national treasury. The content is 99% or more of silver. We call it pure silver. Generally, the material is soft and not suitable for making jewelry.

Silver is also called ordinary jewelry silver or sub-silver. Adding a small amount of other metals to pure silver or pure silver is generally a combination of physicochemical properties and silver similar to silver, which can form a relatively hard color silver. The color silver is tough and maintains the ductility of pure silver. At the same time, it can reduce the oxidation of silver to air. Therefore, the surface color of silver jewelry is more difficult to change than pure silver and pure silver. The color rules of Chinese silver are expressed in percentage, and the foreign regulations generally are expressed in thousands of points, such as China’s “80 silver”.

With the foreign "800S" (S is the abbreviation of English Silver Silver), the color of silver is 80%.

Silver has the following common categories:

1, 98 silver English logo is 980S, which means 98% silver, 2% copper jewelry silver. This kind

Silver is slightly harder than pure silver and pure silver, and is used to make value-preserving jewelry.

2, 925 silver, the English logo is 925S, which means that the silver content is 92.5%, and the silver containing 7.5% of copper

. This kind of silver has both certain hardness and certain toughness. It is more suitable for making rings and pins.

Hair clips, necklaces and other jewelry, and easy to set up gems. Now 925 silver is usually plated with white gold (white enamel),

To prevent silver from turning yellow and black in the case of oxidation or vulcanization. Platinum-plated 925 silver,

It is called "sugar silver".

3, 80 silver is also known as tide silver, the English logo is 800S, which means 80% silver and 20% copper.

Jewelry silver. This color silver has high hardness and good elasticity. It is suitable for making hand bells, lavaliers, cap flowers, tableware, tea.

A buckle, spring, or needle on a smoking, smoking, or jewelry. Silver also includes 70 silver, depending on the use and needs.

60 silver, 50 silver and other varieties.

Thai silver originated in Thailand, so it is usually called Thai silver, also known as "Ukrainian silver". It is a mixture of silver and sulfur on silver jewelry, and a cover layer is formed in a vitreous state. The black-silver cover layer is loose and black, which is in sharp contrast with the smooth silver of silver, resulting in special visual effects. Due to the special anti-old treatment, the black and silver jewelry not only does not change color for a long time, but also the surface hardness is greatly enhanced. The unique texture and color make this jewelry rough and simple.

Tibetan silver, according to historical definition, is an alloy containing about 30 or more silver, but now the Tibetan silver on the market contains almost no silver, just a handicraft of white copper alloy. Tibetan silver is produced in Nepal and neighboring countries of Nepal. An alloy containing less silver, the main components of which are nickel, copper and the like. Many of the Tibetan ornaments are made of sterling silver. The work of sterling silver jewelry looks more refined than the Tibetan silver jewelry, and its brightness is stronger than that of Tibetan silver. The slightly darker color of Tibetan silver gives the jewelry an old-fashioned feeling, forming a primitive and original appearance style, without sacrificing exquisiteness in the rough, and noble in the simplicity. When purchasing Tibetan silver jewelry, you should carefully distinguish it from various angles such as color, appearance, inlay and workmanship. The real Tibetan silver, due to the manufacturing process, will be blackened when rubbed by hand. This is a kind of carbon black, non-metallic black. In addition, imitations of Tibetan silver are generally made of scrapped lead, tin and other alloys. The surface is tinted, the color looks white, there is no metallic luster and metal texture, and the true Tibetan silver is not very glossy. High, but very textured, with the effect of silver products. After seeing the color, we must also examine the appearance and workmanship of the jewelry. The pure Tibetan silver jewelry pattern is clear, the above patterns are hand-carved by the craftsman, and the pattern of the imitation is very vague. In addition, you can look at the selection. There are no patterns on the back of the jewelry. Most of the backs of the imitations have obvious signs of machine repression, which appear one by one; while the real Tibetan jewelry has a smooth surface and is hand-polished. The inlaid craftsmanship of Tibetan ornaments is very high. Tibetan silver jewelry is often embellished with red corals and agates. The counterfeit Tibetan silver jewelry is mostly replaced by plastic for cost reasons. The plastic inlay looks very beautiful and bright, but the turquoise and red corals inlaid with real Tibetan ornaments are quaint and rough, which is the characteristic of Tibetan jewelry. Don't make a mistake.

Miaoyin can be simply understood as a silver jewelry made by Miao craftsmen. In fact, most of the Miao silver products we have seen so far are no longer the Miao silver jewelry we used to think. When many people first contact Miaoyin, they usually ask a question - Miaoyin jewelry has more silver.

less? In fact, the Miao silver jewelry that we see on the market today has almost no silver components. It is generally divided into two categories: one of which is brass-based "Miaoyin", which is mainly distributed in Yunnan Province. Silver jewelry in Xinhua Village, Heqing County, Dali City, Yunnan Province. Heqing’s silver jewelry is mainly composed of brass.

Some of the sterling silver jewelry enters the local market through other channels; the other is the "Miaoyin" which is mainly made of white copper, mainly distributed in the southeastern part of Guizhou Province, such as the silversmith near the Qianhu Miao Village in Kaili City, Guizhou Province. village. The craftsmanship of the silversmiths in Silversmith Village is mainly made of white copper, which is electroplated, waxed and colored.

Rational, the formation of a distinctive Guizhou Miao silver jewelry.

18KGP and 23KGP are the hallmarks of alloy simulation jewelry. They are made up of two logos, 18K

Or 23K is a logo, K is the gold content, GP is the abbreviation of English GoldPlape, commercial

It is commonly known as forging gold. This kind of mark means that the general metal in the product is mostly made of phosphor bronze.

Forged at high temperature, covered with gold plating layer, divided into gold plating and package according to different thickness of gold layer

Gold two. The thickness of the gold-plated gold layer is 1 m (mic) is the thickness unit of the gold layer specified by international standards.

) around, the gold is around 3 meters, simply saying that GP is the mark of gold-plated or gold-plated jewelry, the front 18K

Or 23K refers to the content of the gold plating layer on the outside. 18KGP specifically means that the plated or gold-coated layer is 18K gold plated.

Gold or gold-plated jewellery; 23KGP specifically refers to gold-plated or gold-plated jewellery whose plated or gold-coated layer is 23K gold.

These kinds of accessories have their own styles, Thai silver is rough, plain silver is simple, 925 silver is exquisite, total

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