Pink blue wardrobe women make fashion return to the essence of art

Another battle on the art and fashion surging in the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. July 11 - 13, pink blue wardrobe Fashion Group called "wake up" art fashion creative exhibition on schedule. The stage costumes appearing in The Dancer in the Dark, together with the other costumes of the BBLLUUEE brand, bring the audience a second call of the arts.


BBLLUUEE the shape of the exhibition hall continued the shape of the diamond cutting shop brand, the see-through glass curtain seems to cover up the hearts of the call, opened a corner, the dim light on the way to shine a few surprises, which is BBLLUUEE's inner world, More than a dozen sets of art fashion show a beautiful gesture in the dark, as if waiting for the audience every time looking back. The adjacent digital media area shows BBLLUUEE's fashion blockbusters and fashion musical recordings. The combination of static and dynamic display gives the audience more joy. If you are interested in clothing or pavilion or other, we can participate in WeChat microblogging interaction on the spot, your message will be displayed on the multimedia screen immediately. Pink blue wardrobe hopes to arouse the cultural identity and artistic resonance between fashion and art, fashion and consumers through a variety of artistic ways to awaken the beauty of the fashion art, awaken your inner voice, and let the fashion return to the art Essence, so that more people involved in the love of fashion and art come.

粉蓝衣橱女装 让时装回归艺术的本质

Like looking for in the dark, through the dark to meet the light. BBLLUUEE real shop on the bright end, elegant and elegant display of their elegant posture. BBLLUUEE brand unique original intention of the music art originated from the French fashion union president GLASMAN a word. When GLASMAN was visiting China in 2010, Li Feiyue and his couple performed a warm and warm piano and dance for them, GLASMAN said something: "Li, you are a musician, and if I were you, I must Music art implanted brand. "Although Li Feiyue disapprove of their own packaging into a musician implanted brand, but this leap of inspiration and inspiration to the leap, so BBLLUUEE was first established, Mr. Li Feiyue to think, how to pass the artistic connotation The shape and grafting of music and fashion, to create corporate culture and brand DNA, so as to establish the brand's unique cultural and artistic qualities. "

粉蓝衣橱女装 让时装回归艺术的本质

Fashion is a soul, there are precipitated women in the choice of fashion process will reflect their experience and aesthetic. "Mr. Li Feiyue said, BBLLUUEE attempts to awaken the beauty of art in their hearts and give them an opportunity to show their rich connotation so that women can display the beauty of their own experience from their life and present the beauty of art in fashion. From this perspective, Fashion brand, women can wake up and fashion, the resonance between art, this is the BBLLUUEE Art Fashion Exhibition "wake up" in mind.

粉蓝衣橱女装 让时装回归艺术的本质

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