June Peach blossoming Amita 12 constellations of clothing big open

June peach blossoming, you regardless of the age of a single age you want to find people who are married to love the beauty, in addition to worship God wearing a crystal, the Amita women for you that you a clear road: wear! Correct! clothes! clothes! This pair of wear, not with the pair, modeling right, but to wear the right clothes, peach.

艾米塔 - AMINTA


Aries shape suitable for taking a compelling approach, the color can be bold and bright, to highlight the Aries unique momentum and vitality, because Aries you are more handsome and masculine personality, it is quite suitable for pants, once again the color Can also be a little exaggerated. Hairstyles, if you have long hair, can knot or pull bun, hair helps Aries play your head energy, because Aries supervisor of energy in the head, so should also make good use of beautiful bright hair accessories, to attract the attention of others , While accessories focused on the face or hair, such as hats or earrings, can also bring you luck!

As for color, Aries lucky color is red, golden yellow or navy blue, short, colorful, color can immediately grasp the focus of everyone's attention, this constellation of birth are concerned, we are very lucky.


Taurus dress to pay special attention to texture, it is suitable for the use of natural materials such as cotton and linen, retro type dress, skirt is also very suitable for you, with a little floral perfume better. Hair for the best short hair, do not leave the hair long or messy feeling, style should be elegant, try to give the impression of elegance. Because your energy is concentrated in the neck, Taurus need a lovely necklace, to greatly play your charm. Taurus lucky color is pink or light blue, lucky color is yellow.


Gemini is the most constellation constellation modeling is a natural point of playful feeling, people feel relaxed and friendly and comfortable, hair comb neat, or do a little neutral dress. Even a little pure girlish hairstyle are suitable for you, a lot of Gemini likes to keep changing hairstyles, on the one hand rush, on the one hand in line with their own like to be changing mood. In fact, Gemini can make good use of hair to do the image of the hair changes, in addition to many Gemini are wig users, without great efforts can give people a different feeling. Gemini, you should make good use of crystal, with the wrist can bring unexpected luck. Gemini's lucky color is light yellow, light blue sub-lucky color is white, you can also use a variety of colors clever with a new feeling.


Cancer styling suitable for classical with some romantic feeling, because most Cancer for makeup, or white series with the color, so if the hair is a smooth lady type, will be more clever your qualities, if you want to be able to dazzling Use pectoral match, can increase your peach blossom. Especially pearl jewelry can bring luck to Cancer. Cancer lucky color is gray, beige, the second lucky color is dark gray or black


Leo modeling is the most important highlight of your noble and elegant temperament, hairstyle, if it is a long hair must be neatly decorated will be added hair accessories, but to pay attention to elegance is not equal to old-fashioned. Leo is also very suitable for the use of precious stones to decorate, remember to use a single color or a single design gem, as long as a little bit can be dazzling eye-catching for the best. Many Leo like to use brand-name clothing, to set off their noble <But remember not to grant too much hanging hanging lot of rope will lack some neat feeling. Leo lucky color is golden yellow and white, the birth of Leo who promote love confident gem ruby ​​and diamond, if you feel rotten peach to chase too much, wear can make people calm amber to help u.


Virgo for makeup to make people feel your fresh and pure straightforward. Modeling principle is natural. Virgo for pure girl dress, available floral or monotone, wearing a little lace or lotus leaf can not be too complicated, or long hair comb neat, showing its student temperament is also great. Virgo lucky color is dark blue, the second lucky color is yellow. Virgo can also choose agate or crystal to enhance your heart and emotional energy and strengthen your magnetic field Oh.

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