5 big Thai silver style

The reason for calling it "Thai Silver" is mainly because of the masterpieces from smart Thais. Thai silver, conceptually 925 sterling silver, is a special name for a special craft. In fact, Thai silver is actually taking the international route. It is very popular abroad, and its texture is also 925. According to analysis, there are five main design styles:

1. Renaissance art style. First, the use of classical art, that is, the art form commonly used in ancient Greek and Roman art, was re-used after 1000 years of annihilation; the second is to use the newly generated perspective technique to give the artist the rules of drawing and mathematics, and to reproduce three-dimensional The shape of the space entity. Thai silver ornaments with Renaissance art style give the first impressions of luxury, nobility and publicity.

2, Art Deco style. Art Deco was an art form popular in Europe between 1910 and 1940, combining design style with new materials. The art of decoration is characterized by a clean and simple line and a strong three-dimensional shape. Thai-style silver with Art Deco style uses round, square and rectangular shapes on the design elements and emphasizes the shape. The Art Deco silver design is easier to modify and easy to produce and manufacture.

3. Gothic art style. Thai silverware in Gothic style is rarely used in addition to a little embellishment with black. In terms of design elements, this artistic style is mainly based on apex and arc graphics.

4, color art style. This is mainly used on most relatively simple basic jewellery, such as silver earrings, brooches and so on. The silver art with color art style mainly uses the principle of color, reasonable selection of colored stones, and the best arrangement of them to achieve the best visual effect, making jewelry more attractive and attractive. With this style of design, it is possible to produce the same design with a variety of different silver products.

5. Modernist art style. This is a modern art style guided by the designers of international luxury brands Gucci and Channel, often with a circular design. One of the characteristics of Thai silverware with modernist art style is that it has a luxurious appearance and a simple shape.

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