According to Mio won China's most growth, customer satisfaction apparel brands

Recently, "2011-2012 China's most growth, customer satisfaction apparel brand" results announced, as a representative of the national brand, EMINU "by Mino" by virtue of strong brand influence, excellent product quality and strong sense of social responsibility Won the "2012 China's most growth, customer satisfaction footwear brand", "China's most fashion brand award" two awards. According to Ou Junhui, manager of image promotion department of EMINU "according to Mino", China's garment industry steadily progressed in the global economic downturn in 2012. EMINU "mino slave" achieved rapid development in the harsh market environment . In 2012, EMINU, "Minmetu" worked hard and continued to increase its innovation and made great achievements in brand innovation, product design innovation and management innovation. Brand innovation, in the store image, decoration style, as well as product display have made corresponding improvements in the mode of innovation, and to the terminal to meet different market needs; product innovation, keeping up with the trend of fashion, seize the market popular elements In the details of improvement, style innovation, material improvement and other aspects of effort, quality products and fashion style highly respected consumers, EMINU "by Minu" has become the fashion vane of the development of China's apparel industry. In 2012, EMINU's management by "Minmetals" made great strides. The internal management, the management of the distributors and the system of suppliers all achieved rapid development. The internal working efficiency and supervision system were continuously improved, and the safeguard measures for all aspects of product quality were further improved. Ou Junhui pointed out that it is based on brand, product, management, quality and other significant innovations in many aspects, effectively enhance EMINU "by Mino" in the market competitiveness, and thus stand out in the fierce competition, won two awards in one fell swoop .

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