Love: the basic structure of underwear and design common sense

The basic structure of underwear and design of common sense underwear, with its rich cultural content and sophisticated process, the state of the art clothing is unique. But what kind of underwear is actually made, but little-known.


Figure: love to wear underwear


Design is the soul of making. Underwear because of its dress to be close to the body, but also to do the action does not pervert, do not fall off, good ventilation after exercise, the design should take into account the human aesthetics, ergonomics, body power of knowledge, and a variety of original Auxiliary material yarn direction, elasticity, function, set artistic and functional in one.

Under normal circumstances, underwear divided into two types of European code and Asian codes, each sub-six types, each about about ten numbers. Women of any size and breast shape can find the one that suits them best in these 60 models. After determining the model, the designer's main task is to create the surface of the beautiful inspiration and warm temperament.

Group material

Underwear material is quite complicated. Under normal circumstances, a underwear to be the main fabric, lace (lace), mesh and lapel cloth, woven, cotton knit or cloth, shoulder strap, elastic band, wire, back hook, adjusting ring, diagonal Belt, bundle), decorative flowers, stitches and other thirteen kinds of materials. According to the designer's idea, first calculate the amount of each piece of each material, and then consider the function of each textile or non-woven fabrics, stretch, the degree of cooperation between yarn.

Group materials channels often involve many countries and regions at home and abroad. For example, sometimes a component is designed for a new product, the main fabric of the company is to be selected from Benin, England; the lace from French lace from Normandy; the elastic pull from Brazil; the suture from Nippon Shimizu or Toyobo; the elastics from Shanghai Haosheng, Strap; Dalian's steel wire; Guangdong's back hook, ramp and so on.


Figure: love to wear underwear

Technology and production

The production of underwear is a group of collective operations. Many people need to work simultaneously to complete. First of all by the Ministry of Technology to develop a process. Standard lingerie making time is more than 600 seconds each. With the style of the simple or complicated increase or decrease. Functional beads on the market, water bags and other functional underwear more complicated, and each need more than 2000 seconds. In 600 seconds each lingerie process, is divided into 20 to 30 processes, using more than a dozen stitching sewing machine features special sewing machine. Each operating a process, from 20 to 30 people to form a 流水生产线. Each procedure has a strict stitch specification. In the system at the same time, but also do a good job of self-test, mutual inspection and inspection. After the completion of the production process, to be sent to the professional training of the laboratory by the special staff for a full range of quality reinspection and needle. To prevent the needle in the process of making particles into the product. The finished product, which has passed the inspection and acceptance of qualified packaging and storage, must be unpacked by the export commodity inspector and the quality control department before leaving the factory.

After the above procedure, an underwear can be completed to make a journey to send to the circulation area to meet with consumers.

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