European Alice Women's 2014 new listing 2014 spring and summer fashion trends

Spring season, spring 2014 you ready? Are you still wrapped in thick winter clothes? Or too late to buy spring, spring is coming, if you have not had time to pick, if you are still how to choose the right spring, then come to Europe force to see it, 2014 spring and summer latest style struck, no matter what color you like, No matter what your style is, Ellis makes you satisfied. Mature girls and lovely women make your life more quality.

Fabric for choice: roller, zebra, shangri-la, and can dyed colors, printed the photos, jacquard the design you like, refer the actual sample.

Suitable for use in private houses, offices, factories, hotels and other places. Shade roller is a beautiful protective device, shading effect and privacy are very good, anti-ultraviolet, keep indoor air smooth. The exquisite jacquard pattern is more layered and changeable, with smooth surface, silky luster, smooth and delicate, soft and breathable.

Roller Blind Curtain Shade Fabric

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