Spring and summer style 9 kill men's clearance Raiders

Ben Wang reported on March 20th that although I only warmed up for a few days, I immediately returned to the cold temperature, wrapped in a blanket blowing the heater, I still want to share about the men's wear this spring and summer, and began to imagine the spring Moment of flowers, walking on the street in fashion, even if a dog is beaten, he must stand upright. The Spring-Summer 2014 Street Style Guide for Men has been released, and although several parts have appeared in previous years, they nevertheless once again swept the fashion circle. Let us see which of the nine indicators are in the end.

1. Suit jacket wear: The weather turned for the better, do not put the winter models suits on the body, and long-length suits look easy and old-fashioned, choose a short version and fit the waist suit is more suitable for casual wear Take, there are double-breasted spring and summer suits are also one of the popular single product this year.

2. Plaid: It seems that the plaid-style suit jacket has begun to be popular again. Whether it is a large plaid or a small plaid pattern will be the focus of this year, but avoiding the contrast of the plaid pattern is too big, but it is easy to lose focus.

3. Ah Ah's flowers and plants series: Although the floral items are popular for a while, the colors and flowers that are popular every year are more crumbly, how big, and the style is very particular. This year it seems to be a little floral and hue. The basic style is more respected, and the seemingly restrained style is more popular.

4. Camouflage pattern: You read it correctly, this year camouflage single product has come back popular, but this year's popular camouflage single product is not so obvious color contrast, saturation is also relatively low style.

5. Watercolor rendering single product: The extremely difficult to understand "proper nouns" should be said to be the effect of pattern color rendering on a single product, or the pattern has a feeling of fainting. It seems that Wen Qing will wear something.

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