Spring men's jacket how to choose baseball jacket was active

Baseball jacket is both trendy and practical to become a male genre in the spring one of the most popular fashion items, if you do not know what sets a spring jacket to go out, then the baseball jacket is definitely a good choice. Shaping fashion baseball jacket has a street style, if you want to have a little more spring in the spring, it should try it. EGOU 2014 spring and summer series of different fabrics and different colors of the stitching combination has become this season one of the hottest jacket design trends. More prominent is that in the choice of color is also more eye-catching. Bright blue, lemon color bright colors have become the main colors of the spring men's jacket, bid farewell to boring black and white ash, the spring can naturally become energetic! EGOU 2014 spring and summer print, enduring fashion elements. Want to quickly attract the eye, then wear a very full print printed jacket wind it. The same is the stitching design, the stitching at the sleeve and solid color to be compared, is not it fashionable? It seems that the tide of a single product has become even more special.

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