The first wash of the bedding is slightly normal.

Bed linen, quilt and other bed textiles, many of them will appear faded after washing, and some products are badly colored, even after repeated washing, there will be color loss. Consumers complained a lot about the washing of the bedding products. Experts pointed out that it is normal for the first wash of the bedding to be slightly faded.

Most of the bedding products were washed away. "The water in the sheets was dyed red and the whole barrel was stained. The color was too serious." "I slept for a few days and found that the sheets were out of color. I pity my clothes. I can't let me sleep naked." On Weibo, there are many complaints about “sheets fading”, and there are even many famous brands.

Ms. Wang complained to the reporter: "My mother once bought a set of four sets in the morning market. When I bought it, the merchant said that it would not fade, but bought it and washed it five times. The water was dyed red, no. The method is used. Not only the dirty mattress, but also the children's underwear is dyed. This kind of sheets can't be used, and can't be returned. Now it can only be thrown at home."

The color loss of textiles is related to the color fastness of the product. In the quality inspection of textile products in various industrial and commercial departments, color fastness problems frequently occur. In February 2014, the Guangzhou Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce conducted quality monitoring on bedding products sold in the circulation field. A total of 80 samples from 48 companies were sampled, and 23 samples were judged as overall unqualified, with 10 products. The fastness does not meet the standard requirements, and there are many brands such as Baodi and Fuldi. In addition to textiles, in July 2013, the Beijing Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce announced the monitoring of the quality of the mat products, showing that many mat products have problems with color fastness.

The shedding of dyes will endanger human health. According to Zhao Yongmei, assistant general manager of Yina Home Textiles, according to GB18401-2010, China has divided the safety technical requirements of textile products into three categories: A\B\C. Class A safety requirements are the highest, baby textiles should meet Class A requirements; products that are in direct contact with skin type meet at least Class B, and general bed products are required to meet Class B requirements. In the process of using textile products with poor color fastness, the fabric is easily faded and affects the appearance. The dye molecules or heavy metal ions that are shed may be absorbed by the human body and endanger the health.

Zhou Shixiang, director of the customer service department of the National Textile Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, said that there may be two reasons for the failure of color fastness: one is that the dye selection is not correct, and the dye is not selected according to the type of fabric; the second is that the dyeing process is unreasonable. For example, the appropriate dyeing time, heating rate, and holding time are not selected. For the consumer, it is not possible to judge whether the color fastness is acceptable according to the appearance. The labels of bedding products are generally only information on content, specifications, grades, manufacturers, etc., and can only be judged by professional testing methods.

The sound of home textile products in the industry is very messy. It is quite normal to have a slight discoloration in the first washing. According to national standards, the home textiles are also allowed to float. The home textile market is now very chaotic, and the products of various brands and channels are very messy. At the time of purchase, in addition to looking at the price, it is necessary to look at the important information such as the fabric content on the label and the manufacturer. In terms of current production costs, the cost of a set of 40-woven four-piece sets is not less than 200 yuan, and the price can be imagined.

At present, the production plants of home textile products often import fabrics from upstream channels and directly process them into finished products; some import unprinted blanks and further print and dye themselves. In formal enterprises, both dyes and blanks have professional laboratories to detect upstream raw materials and prevent quality problems. Therefore, in the current market situation, choosing a big brand is the most secure method.

<br> <br> debate whether consumers bedding fade normal?

Many consumers believe that the bedding of the bedding for the first time is "normal". Consumer Mr. Zhang said: "The first washing of cotton-containing textiles will fade, which is acceptable and should not be a quality problem."

Some consumers disagree with this statement. Ms. Xing, a consumer, said: "Now the product should not be stained with water. If the color drop is particularly serious, it must be a quality problem."

The brand is "very tolerant" for the first time

The reporter found that most brands are tolerant of “washing off the color”. In the Jingdong Mall search for the word "bed products", Chenghong home textile customer service staff with higher sales rankings told reporters: "The bedding of this brand may have a slight floating color when it is washed for the first time, but there will be no similar situation after the guarantee. The customer service staff of another store said: "The red color series will have a floating color when it is washed for the first time, but the velvet material series will not fade. The printing and dyeing methods are different, so the reaction after washing is different."

The first time the experts faded or had problems. According to Zhou Shixiang, director of the customer service department of the National Textile Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, it is normal for textiles to wash off the color for the first time. Printed and dyed fabrics generally have a layer of floating color that will not fade after washing once. However, if the color drop is serious, there may be a problem with the quality.

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