GXG brand men's 2014 summer fashion single product debut Denis Wu Qingqing interpretation of dynamic neat dress

The weather is more and more "fire", the cold winter has passed, the heat will be far behind? Dennis Wu Qingli endorsement GXG summer clothing struck, cool and handsome dress to feel the water refreshing, sitting in the cool state of the lake, do you also want to have it? Then take a look at GXG men's summer clothing it. How to wear a manly taste it? Good taste of men, no matter what they wear will feel very handsome, just like Dennis Wu, put on a simple short-sleeved shirt with a slim green vest with a beige slacks, splashing water so fresh and natural, attack absolutely Stylish and cool. Enjoy the breeze of the sea breeze, enjoy the clear sense of water and the ground, feel the distance between you and the water, summer all hope that they are soaked in water, a book, a chair a cup of tea, so comfortable life, how can less So tasteful dress? This summer is absolutely refreshing for you, giving you a sense of breakthrough.

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