Jamie bears appearance at the 22nd China International Garment Fair CHIC2014

The 22nd China International Fashion Fair opened on March 26-29, 2014 in China World Expo Center. As the top fashion event in China, the Northern Exhibition attracted many high-end brands. The same as the bright star of children's clothing Jamie Bear children's clothing brand will also be Mediterranean style in the perfect presentation of the international exhibition, let Jamie Bear take you to the Mediterranean with the tour. Looked at one or two wipe the ink-like mountains looming in the sea and sky, small white boat light waves above the blue sea. The waves seem to be blue-white embroidered white edges that stretch gently in the breeze. Let you relaxed and comfortable experience Mediterranean style, feel the blue sky. Overlooking the Mediterranean white town, there are many exciting buildings, here and the surrounding noisy contrast, is the luxury of relaxation. One side is a white building, on the other side is the golden sunshine of the Mediterranean sea, make you feel good. Follow the meandering trails of the blue and white towns, stand here overlooking the town houses and lush vegetation on the Mediterranean coastline, close your eyes and feel fresh sea breeze blowing in the Mediterranean.

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