Loose version of the color of the Department of Women with pastel color fresh women

In our lives, there will always be such a woman. Do not like make-up, do not like the show, do not like sexy seductive, but very enjoy their elegant but very delicate dress. A relaxed version of elegant colors but can follow up the fashion of clothing does give a good impression. Such a woman like a cup of tea, quiet taste will find fresh and pleasant.

凯伦诗 - karen shen

Given such a suit style, comfortable fabric, it looks very soft. Loose version, suitable for all types of girls. White collar and buckle echo each other, generous fashion. Plaid elements stitching use, bat sleeve design, filled with a retro atmosphere. Small shorts can also be used with other shirt is very affordable.

宽松版素色系女装搭配 淡雅色塑造清新女

This sleeveless skirt light texture, unique skirt design, dancing with the breeze. Simple round neckline of the woman's clavicle curve, it is very charming. Plain landscape printing pattern is very ethnic style. Fresh literary feeling can not help but think of gracefully sent Li Qingzhao. This kind of paper need to stop and taste, in order to know the precious.

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