Thoracic expansion of what type of bra underwear for what type of breast fit

Now many people think I flat chest I am proud, flat-bottomed women wear clothes look good, but the chest is a little chest is not thing? No matter what the girls will not be flat chest will only be a little smaller though not, but must not be expanded outside the chest type expansion that will pull the whole Oh, Xi Xiu underwear with adjustable outerwear to say goodbye.


If you are outside the expansion of the chest type, then Xiaobian mind you to wear adjustable underwear, this will help you adjust the breast shape, even small but also a small type, so as to be able to catch a good man, this adjustment Underwear Style Light pink is a bit close to the color, it is suitable for this season is suitable for wearing clothes, four-breasted design not only allows you to have no furu, but also help you adjust the breast shape.

胸型外扩的人穿怎样的文胸 调整型内衣适合什么胸型

Adjustable bra designed according to the principle of fat movement, in the ordinary bra on the basis of increasing the width of the side bit, chicken heart bit width, increase under liquid, furs and other effects. Hee Hee underwear to help you choose the style for your chest type, so you more firm.

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