Long T with floral good-looking flowers long T with what color is appropriate

Fresh floral pattern, elegant dress to become more charming and elegant, so that the hot T long life becomes more vivid, Floral element is one of the elements of the hot spring, and now with Xiaobian take a look at floral How elements with the clothing, is a dress or long T more suitable for floral it? Photo credit: Disney children's clothing 2014 spring and summer new long-sleeved T-shirt, this T-shirt in addition to cotton fabric also spliced ​​chiffon fabric, fresh chiffon splicing cotton fabric, sweat and refreshing, absolute spring comfort, pink T Shirt style, chiffon floral embellishment is very dazzling Oh, lower body with white hit my leggings, full fresh. Floral flowers you thought it was a little bit embellishment? Instead of the whole garment are floral embellishment, so that there is no distinctive, this pink long T style hem floral fragmentation is very personalized stitching, chest bow is very cute cute dress, lower body with jeans, casual pants It looks good.

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