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Dress, although the name can appear throughout the year. However, in different seasons, the fabric used in the dress is not the same. So, in the fall is also coming, we should now take a good look at the early autumn fashion section it?

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Fall models dress, the fabric will be slightly thinner than in winter, compared with the summer dresses will be thicker. However, the overall design does not seem to have changed much. This is a round neck sleeveless dress, adding different color wave point, it seems very energetic feeling Oh. Slim style, making the skirt looks very elegant. Although not a dress, but this moderate length is still very ok. In the dress, coupled with the bright color of the belt, it seems that this has become a suction eye. However, this paragraph in autumn wear, it seems a bit cold. In order to keep warm, Xiao Bian suggested that we take a knit cardigan or a small jacket outside.

秋款连衣裙  2015秋季连衣裙款式

Sometimes to dress a layer of yarn, will have the kind of hazy feeling. White dress, with printing and wave points, making this one originally monotonous dresses, instantly became lively up. A layer of light chiffon, so that a fashion sense of the skirt becomes a little hazy, attracting you into the wait and see. Not bad, this one design, is to attract everyone's attention to success. However, in this paragraph with a small jacket outside the jacket, it seems that this one is also very take the wear skirt Oh.

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