Extraordinarily good news: ushered in the opening wave in August Warmly congratulate the EC Yi Xi five stores with the same

In August, the EC XiXi Women's Wear welcomed the opening tide. August 5 stores are open: Changsha Tong Cheng Commercial Plaza, Siping Weimei Department Store, Huangshi Store, Xinxiang Store and Shenzhen Moore City! Thank you Changsha Wang Zong, Siping Qu total, Huang Shitong total, Xinxiang Pen sister and Longgang Luo beauty of the EC Yi Xi brand trust, I wish the store business is booming! Extra cash! Big sale!


At the same time the birth of five new life, so that EC more passionate. So strong EC women, so that every partner is more confident, but also for the strength of EC women bring everyone a better harvest. At the same time, EC women's clothing is more and more consumers love and favor. Brilliant future, we work together to create a more bright chapter.

特大好消息:八月迎来开业潮 热烈祝贺EC亦熙五店同开

特大好消息:八月迎来开业潮 热烈祝贺EC亦熙五店同开

Store the season's popular single product as well as new autumn and winter, to facilitate each and every one of their own women to grasp more fashion. EC women, synchronized with the international trend, and integration of European fashion style, to meet the pursuit of beauty now, the pursuit of fashion women. Let the independent urban women show a romantic, modern charming temperament.

Want more beautiful? To EC women's clothing store, each one can meet you!

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