How does garnet look good?


Since the popularity of garnet, it has been loved by fashion, but the price is also rising. Now, what is the price of garnet, and which garnet bracelet is the best? The following is introduced by Xiaobian.

1, the lighter the better, the natural color of the garnet is more important than other, so the color is very difficult! The price will be relatively high; the one that looks at the past and the black is the worst in terms of quality, and the price is also the lowest.

2, the more transparent the better, any spar is better and better, including garnet, the more transparent the price is higher!

3, the less the ice crack, the better. The number of ice cracks is also an important factor in determining the price level, and there is no ice crack in the garnet that is the best of the best, the price is more expensive!

4. On these basis, the price of garnet is divided into three colors from low to high: rose, purple, and burgundy. In addition to the green garnet in the garnet is the red garnet, in the red garnet rose red garnet is the best one, the price is relatively high compared to purple red, burgundy.

The price of a typical garnet bracelet is between one hundred and four or five hundred. According to the above classification, the garnet bracelet is also the best-selling in the jewelry series.

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