August wearing what home service look good? Suitable for home wear in August

Although the weather after the establishment of autumn some cool, but the summer heat did not go away from us, go out or cool summer-based, then if the leisure time at home, and suitable for what kind of home wear it? The following Xiaobian recommend two for everyone, take a look at it!

思婕环球 - LaEIBELLE

As the weather in August is still hot, our home clothes or to cool and comfortable, this print sling dress romantic lady fresh and natural, wide sling design cool and stylish but not too exposed, lace embellishment added A bit elegant and sophisticated, just the right length to show your legs at home, showing sexy femininity Oh!

八月穿什么家居服好看? 适合八月穿的家居服

Romantic light purple lady sweet, reminiscent of the beautiful lavender flowers, but also to our skin lining of a more white, light and comfortable chiffon fabric breathable and lightweight and elegant, looming and added a little bit sexy , V-neck design modification of the face at the same time also somewhat more feminine, delicate lace hook even more refined, like you can defeat home. (Source: Esprit Universal underwear )

Cotton Dyed With Embroidery

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