Be wary of the three traps of buying beeswax


Wax is an opaque amber, beeswax as a jewelry, in the current market, beeswax jewelry can be said to occupy the position of the faucet, and even more popular than amber jewelry. As a collectible, the old waxy wax has a long history and is loved by collectors. It is precisely because of this great situation of beeswax on the market that many people have neglected some of the traps inside. Now let us talk about the three traps of this beeswax.

First, about the aristocratic beeswax has long been known before, and even now there are many people who say that the colorful beeswax is aristocratic beeswax. In fact, these so-called aristocratic beeswax are some formula beeswax, and the simple point is the crafts made of plastic. In fact, the color of natural beeswax is not so much at all, so far no colored beeswax has appeared.

Second, there are a lot of unscrupulous merchants who use fake old wax to deceive consumers. Although the old beeswax is thick and delicate, has a long history and has a high collection value, but its output is very rare. Some people who spend a lot of money may not be able to buy real old beeswax, and maybe even those made with resin, or remelted with old beeswax scraps.

Third, there is a saying in the outside world that "before wearing a beeswax will become a transparent amber", I don't know if you have heard such a sentence, or encountered such a thing, but this is simply A trap that does not conform to common sense is that those bad merchants make up their own to deceive those who are new to beeswax. In theory, opaque amber can be transparent through certain techniques, but it is absolutely impossible to make opaque wax into transparent amber. Otherwise, where are the old waxes with a long history coming from?

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