Jewelry counter "expensive" gas reduction counters are full of thousands of yuan of gems


"Hey, this Tanabata, to buy some jewelry for his wife, can really save money." Yesterday, Mr. Zou, a citizen who bought gifts for his wife, obviously felt that the jewellery counter in Wuhan was greatly reduced, and replaced by pro-public goods.

On the 19th, in the Yufutai Jewelry Square of Luchang Road, Wuchang, Wuhan Evening News reporter visited various jewelry stores. Almost half of the merchants put hundreds of thousands of yuan, tens of thousands of "town store treasures" and price heavyweight goods off the shelf. Instead, it is a cheap, intimate style. In a shop that runs jade, there was originally a hundreds of thousands of jade bracelets that were also "hidden". The salesperson enthusiastically recommended to the reporter the jewelry of two or three thousand yuan. In a colorful store, the reporter did not find the ruby ​​and sapphire in the high price of the colorful treasure. Most of the color treasures are priced at 2000-5000 yuan, with tanzanite, red tourmaline, amethyst and emerald.

Zhang Wenzhao, the boss of Caibaotai Jewelry Square, said that with the volatility of the gold price, the gold consumer consuming “China Aunt” is no longer buying gold, and the gold jewellery industry has entered a sensitive turning period. Since last year, the domestic jewelry industry has started. It ended the period of rapid growth for ten years. The retail market generally reduced the growth rate. Jewelers were suffering, and they were considering clearing inventory, busy turnover, and transformation. “A lot of goods are being sold at cost,” he said.


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