The 70th Anniversary of the Victory of the Anti-Japanese War How to Arrange September 3-5 Holidays

In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the victory of the war of resistance against Japan, it is also a new statutory holiday to be held this year. Maybe you are in Beijing. You can see the style of the military parade early. Maybe you are in Beijing far away, so we can care about the national affairs What's going on? Live watching at home, ah, although not on-site look, but the TV before watching live is also a great pleasure, of course, statutory holiday learning is certainly a holiday, three days of military parade, we can not go out to stay at home with children one day, feel the parade Imposing, the next day can be out to play with the baby out to enjoy the patriotic sentiment, but also take into account the child's mood, Daddy children three days holiday arrangements. Give you a chance of patriotism, but also give children a chance to go on holiday. The first day you can look at the parade lineup, the next day you can wear the United States and the United States clothes with children to play, Daddy da little princess dress autumn wear. Short-sleeved dress to take a white primer shirt, dress market wave version of the model is very dynamic, lower body with a white bottoming socks, sweet full. The same short-sleeved dress version, stitching version of the type, compared with the simple match with white primer shirt, sweet dress dotted dotted more cute, stitching also more fashionable, lower body with a wave base Pants weather in September just fit, cool is not cold, September travel is a good choice, oh.

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