Different clothing should be how to match different underwear bra correctly

Paired through looking outfit installed on the Keluo Man brand Underwear attention is enough to deserve any adjectives. Because this dress itself is in the "avant-garde" and "vulgar" on the wire. Penetrating outfit, if you choose improper underwear, the result is a disaster. In general, when looking through the costumes, the price of a Keluo Man brand underwear will by no means be inferior to the coat, requiring beautiful and exquisite to wear without injury. Also note that color, unbalanced color will look vulgar ugly. Choose the same color of the lining can make underwear and coat the best of both worlds, there is seamless feeling. Of course, the size of the cup can not be ignored. If the cup is too small and fat protruding, it is appalling thing, so be sure to select the appropriate cup size. Low collar and collar neck clothing This dress is mostly tight design, highlighting the beautiful lines and charming cleavage. Also be careful not to reveal the shoulder straps, using a three-quarters cup that will not reveal the shoulder straps or a half cup without a shoulder strap. More plump people can use the padded side of the bra , chest thin people must choose to pull the strong, there are padded style below. Because this time need to enhance chest height, rather than just to deepen cleavage, people who have chest can only push up and show the curvature of the breast. Evening gown and cheongsam evening dress and cheongsam fabric is thin, so you have to choose the appropriate Keluo Man brand underwear. Full body ladies can choose full body clothing, because it can push the breast, but also tighten the fat on the abdomen and buttocks, add feminine charm. Strapless bra easy to shift, buy, to choose good stretch, strap width of products, so that you can wear comfortable and confident. Pairing T-Shirts and Jeans Breasts are particularly noticeable when wearing T-shirts or knitwear, so creating a natural chest line is especially important. Simple design with Seamless brassieres or full cups is best. Not only to prevent the appearance of T-shirt line, but also to create a round shape for the twin breasts. Paired sportswear In order to meet the larger movements when exercising, sportswear is about comfort and mobility, underwear is the same. Choose soft and elastic material underwear, then even strenuous exercise is not a problem. Special sports bust cross shoulder strap style to prevent the shoulder strap slipping and excessive swaying of the breast, so that wearer activity freely, the most suitable for intense exercise purposes. In addition, a lot of sweat during exercise, so the choice of underwear should have moisture, sweat. Paired with professional wear, suits and suits, suits designed to focus on the chest and waist lines, so should wear full body harness or high-cost rib bra extension pants . A three-dimensional cut harness pants on the waist, abdomen, thighs and buttocks of excess fat tightening and modification. Trousers or full body harness can make the curve exquisite, highlighting the wonderful female body, so that the wearer double the confidence of the body, even more elegant style. Carlo Clover Clover Bra underwear Clooney Cran official website Carlo Cristo underwear brand Carlo Cristo joined Carlo Cristo underwear joined Cairn Man brand joined Cairn Man brand underwear Cairn Man brand cooperation Kailuo Man's underwear how Kailuo Man's underwear boycott liar

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