What color chiffon shirt with what summer fit for summer wear?

Spring is coming, can summer be far behind? The hot summer so that we are afraid to go out, want to nest all day in the air-conditioned room, but such a decision is certainly unrealistic, crush summer how to dress themselves? How to match with cool enough, then take a look at Eddie Weiyi ladies , fresh summer cool summer.


Summer is inseparable from the dress, but occasionally sweet dress dress enough, can not always a summer dress style it, it is important a bit different, this chiffon shirt with shorts, fresh and stylish, blue A combination of white and white, a pair of white high-heeled sandals tall all show.

雪纺上衣配什么裤子 夏天适合穿什么颜色

Summer black clothing is very rare, are some light-colored dress, white shorts are absolutely brisk single product, empty shirt style with a white shorts, fresh colors match, white is the summer's most wild The color, this dress, whether accompanied by yellow or pink shoes are absolutely like Oh.

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