Mature ladies shirt with Mature temperament

Summer hot, light Mature dress, sweet sleeveless shirt of the age of the eye-pleasing, shirt simple match can wear female elegant charm, easy to highlight the light Mature range of children. Today, with Xiaobian take a look at the models of urban wardrobe is how to interpret the charm of sleeveless shirt, wear youthful vitality and gentle and delicate light Mature charm.

Dot chiffon sleeveless shirt, wave point and cowboy elements of mix and match, very casual and very reduced age, with white Slim pants, green high-heeled fish shoes, minimalist style wear a touch of intellectual temperament.

女士衬衫搭配 轻熟女穿出知性气质

White sleeveless perspective shirt, special is the collar of the navy blue sequins, so casual style has been added some personality. Paired with the blouse of the same color blue skirt, this combination of colors are also particularly refreshing, with a bright yellow shoulder bag, young and beautiful is tender.

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