Weekend shopping wear what Iger weekend 50% discount

ES is the youngest branded Etam Group product line, focusing on young women between the ages of 18 and 25 to showcase products that are both dynamic and personal.

This weekend coincides with the ES store 50% discount activities, it is better to see the following five recommendations with a match, for their own selection of water weekend dress up.


High-waist lace sleeveless dress slightly intellectual means that the skirt fork fork vitality and convenience. Upper body with a self-cultivation cowboy vest handsome and gentle.


Pastel color gives the feeling of fresh and pure, hem lace design, bring out the same body MM MM, with self-cultivation pants and cap, a sports girl wind.


When the animal prints encounter geometric patterns, fun, behind the hollow design quietly tell you: "It is a combination of two yo!" Wearing upper body, look good, fun.


Sunglasses to see the beach scenery, chic and creative printing full of summer style. Waist a camouflage jacket, wind and sun protection, fitting holiday feeling.

周末逛街穿什么  艾格周末五折优惠


Classic checked shirt is the trend of the summer can not miss a single product, a unique cuff design, removable belts, simple with a close pants, you can deduce a generous school style.

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