What is the color of the organza dress?

European root yarn is one of the most popular fabrics this year, although the Eugen yarn seems a bit stiff fabric, but very three-dimensional, European root yarn are applied to the outer layer, the feeling of particularly cute. Deezia children's dress organza dress style with European roots yarn to see how to match with children's wear. European root yarn itself is the match on the wedding, and now the root yarn has been applied to our clothing, especially girls skirts, the Eugen yarn can make the skirt more three-dimensional, this white dress style is in accordance with the wedding dress Version of the model to produce pure white waist embellishment bow very sweet dress, European root yarn embellishment more embellished effect. European root doll dress dress style, the whole skirt is the embellishment of the root of the Eugenous yarn, there are white waves on the European root yarn Diannan town doll collar collar design is even more playful, loose doll shirt is not only a comfortable dress or Stylish mix, flower sleeves design more sweet.

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