2014 Shenzhen Trade Fair tide brand strongly hit

The annual costume event - the fourteenth China (Shenzhen) international brand apparel trade fair is about to July 10 in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center grand opening. At present, the breeze is coming to an end and various supporting activities are being planned in full swing. Tide brand exhibition this year, the annual trade fair will be an important bright spot, which tide brand has been settled? We look at it together.


CRZ : eat different horror

CRZ, a light tide card that stands for "A Different View! Different Answer!" With a greedy K-bean image to interpret the "stubbornness" of the Kidult family, a sensational and unexpected brand experience emerges.

In 2007, Nisshin Fashion Group Co., Ltd. invested in the establishment of Guangzhou Teng Yi Garment Co., Ltd. to "A Different View! Different Answer!" Brand core concept, to create tide brand - CRZ, an international design and creative team , High-quality terminal management system, in July 2008 to enter the domestic market.

At the 2013 Shenzhen Fair, the CRZ Tide brand incorporated images and clothing into the theme of "A Different View! Different Answers!" And turned 64 models dressed in CRZ "? +!" Dynamic exhibition hall wall ", with a unique sense of hierarchy and sense of space to bring unspeakable shock to the audience. It is reported that CRZ tide brand this year to "surprise" as the theme, once again appeared Shenzhen Trade Fair, will open a "cross-border" visual and taste of autumn and winter tide feast.



B.Duck is a Hong Kong designer Eddie (Chinese name: Xu Xiaolin) original brand, English "B" is the English Bathing, that shower abbreviation, from the waterproof radio, B.Duck are introduced as a series of ingenious products , Such as electronic series, stationery series, kitchen series, bags series, has always been the love of the market at home and abroad.

In 2012, B.Duck launched trend-setting apparel for the first time, aiming at consumers to design unique and high-quality fashion clothes that attract young trendy people. B.Duck represents the trend, interesting, innovative variety, has been in the first high-end consumer groups for the target, Bacheng fans are women, the age group between 15-35 years old, these data dominate B.Duck's product development .


HAVAIANAS: always walking in the forefront of fashion

HAVAIANAS represents vitality, fashion and comfort, bright colors show a cheerful, free and beautiful brand essence and fun brand spirit. HAVAIANAS always walk in the forefront of fashion, called "the world's top rubber slippers brand."

"Original" is HAVAIANAS brand since its inception has always uphold the principle. From the original simple style developed to today a variety of styles, a variety of colors readily available, this principle still the same has not changed.
HAVAIANAS is the representative of the fashion trend, rich colors, bright style may make you dazzled, but quality is the root of all beauty.

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