Summer new women with summer pleated skirt with how

The streets of summer are full of beautiful colorful dresses, and extremely functional yet highly infectious pleated skirts, an enduring wild single product. Elegant pleated skirt, unfolded in the breeze, a long skirt, with girls inadvertently playful feel. At the same time, it can also cleverly cover the legs do not want to reveal the excess fat, easily create a cute girl Elves.

夏季新款女装搭配 夏季百褶裙怎么搭配

This piece of piecing pleated dress, the most popular bright colors, hit color, lace, stitching these various elements together together. Blue and white perfect collision, eye-catching lemon yellow color with sweet lace stitching, mix and match up very harmonious, the overall tone is very fresh. The pleated skirt and people do not look so rigid, but also to help you cover the fat of the legs to avoid weaknesses. With some stylish accessories and woven sun hat, in the hot summer you will be a beautiful scenery.

Picture credit: Gracious 2014 new women's clothing

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