Simple and easy summer dress light cooked vanity skirt new

The simpler and more comfortable summer dress. A simple dress, eliminating the need for a lot of trouble with, lazy girls do not have to tidy to wash so much clothes. Here are two of you to introduce, not eye-catching colors, but it can wear a different kind of texture. Light Mature style, without any modification, you can highlight the charm of their own.


Curved round neck, outlined the charming clavicle curve, but also set off the complexion bright white, very eye-catching. Black itself has a thin effect, this dress bat sleeve design, Han Fan style, put on a small woman's attitude is very inspire people's desire to protect. With a pair of high heels, the perfect light cooked cooked children.

夏季简约轻松的装扮 轻熟范背心裙新款

This gray vest skirt understated color, suitable for all types of girls. Comfortable fabric, soft and personal, refreshing and lovable. Pleated skirt, the design of generous, was thin version, exceptionally elegant charm. A brown belt outline the perfect curve, but also light the whole.

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