[New store opened] Budi design Dongguan Dongcheng Haiya Department Store portrait opening

Boddy design Bodystyle Landing Dongguan Dongcheng Haiya Department Store, hospitality, gorgeous curtain!

Budi design underwear is not only ergonomic professional design, while creating a healthy and beautiful women. In the choice of underwear fabrics have always stressed the comfort and health, to create a healthy, stylish and sexy underwear brand in China .

Budi design underwear brand major underwear chain stores in the country with a unified decoration style and brand image, the stylish interior decoration boutique lingerie that is the market that won the majority of women of all ages. New store opened, the audience price concessions, and enjoy many concessions, consumers are welcome to shop Yue shop! At the same time Budi design welcomed the intention to join the company to visit the company, Budi design wish you an early success joined underwear brand entrepreneurship projects, to enjoy the fashion life!

During the opening, a lot of concessions, gifts to send non-stop! Welcome to the store selection!

Address: Dongguan Dongcheng Haiya Department Store

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