Large fossil basics

The large fossil is the abbreviation of Dahua Caiyu. The large fossils are produced in the vicinity of the Yantan Hydropower Station in Dahua County, Guangxi. At present, since the reservoir area has been filled with water above the dam, only a section of the dam under the dam is about a section of the river. From the development of large fossils, no matter whether it is as large as one or twenty tons of boulders, or as small as twenty or thirty grams of pebbles, all have stone hard, high degree of silicification or jade; stone-shaped strange, in various poses; The patterns of the patterns are endless; the colors are bright, harmonious and pleasing to the eye. It can be seen that the elegance, temperament and charm of the large fossils have reached an extraordinary situation. It will make a sensation in Guangxi, and it will be famous in China and affect the whole world.

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