Kardashian dresses with tricks to overcome "problem"

Ben Wang reported on November 25th that Kim Kardashian has had a lot of "defects" in his body, but after a long period of hard work, she defeated "problem" with clothing. Now, Kim Kardashian is always sexy and irresistible to wear, and her huge buttocks become her mark. Let's take a look at her sexy and beautiful buttocks moment! It turns out that it is not just in the lyrics.


Coup 1: Sexy Perspective

To overcome "defects", you must learn to face them. Kardashian’s choice is not to cover up and expose all “disadvantages.” Lace and mesh, the see-through costumes all look avant-garde and bold. Kardashian wears her upper body to highlight her twin peaks and giant buttocks. The degree of sex is hard to let anyone pick up her body any longer.


Coup 2: The handsome suit

The standard of the new generation of goddesses is to play sexy and support the gas field. Even wearing men's clothes can be easily controlled. The girl wears a suit and is as handsome as a man, but she can retain her feminine sensibility. Kardashian is a good example. Occupational OL modeling can also be a good modification of the body.


Coup 3: Elegant Silk

Silk can be said to be one of the most representative elements of feminine beauty. The gloss of silk can also cover up the flaws in the body. Looking at the several sets of silk styling of Jin Dajie can prove this. The silk dress is always so elegant and beautiful, and Kardashian wears silk is a plus!


Coup 4: Pro-casual leisure

The best single item for casual style is jeans, and a pair of jeans can match thousands of shapes. Kardashian jeans with motorcycle jackets, playing handsome to gas field can not stop. Loose shirts and short jackets can also be used to modify the shape of the body, see Kardashian driving effortlessly, casual wear is also very charming!


Coup 5: Fluttering dress

High-waisted long skirts have many advantages, such as stretching the long legs and modifying the waist. Kardashian wears less of this windy dress, but the effect of this upper skirt is really good, elegant and sexy, but also remove the body defects.


Coup 6: personalized dress

For the time being, not to mention how the red carpet dress can be lost! Kardashian's red carpet model never cares about showing her figure to the crowd. She is also an unchanging guideline for her red carpet form. This shape looks like a bulging akimbo, where is there anything to be picky about?


Coup 7: tight suit

Of course, not all sexy exposures are necessary, but even if the fabric is wrapped around the body, it will be tightly wrapped around the whole body. This is the most common style of wear for Kardashian. This is also a coup to amplify the weaknesses of the advantages, highlighting the big breasts and hips at the same time, will also show thin legs. (Cooperative Media: Bindu Men's Shoes, Wei Ge Men's Shoes)

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