The general rule of gemstone selection, the four major puzzle science rumors

The price of a gem depends on the color of the gemstone, the fire, the cracks in the inclusions and impurities, the transparency, the cut, the polishing and symmetry, the rarity of the minerals, the artificial speculation, the global economic situation and even the political factors of the place of origin, but the total In other words, there are still five general rules that can be followed.

The darker the color, the more saturated, the more uniform, the brighter the better. Generally speaking, dark gems must be higher than the light price; bright colors must be higher than the bleak price.

[Four general rules must know]

General Rule 1: If you don’t look at the cut, you can’t see it.

The stronger the fire, the better. The flare refers to the radiance of the inside of the gemstone seen by the naked eye under the light. The higher the refractive index and the stronger the fire, the “flash” that most people call. Cutting the union affects the beauty of a gem, but the gem is heart-shaped, drop-shaped, and triangular. The more the facets are cut, the more transparent the gems, and the purer the interior, the more the fire will flash. Therefore, we must pay attention to the purchase: the ratio of cutting is better, the symmetry and polishing are better, and the fire is definitely stronger.

General Rule 2: I don’t look at the contents, it’s not clear enough.

The purer it is, the more expensive it is. The fire is not strong, and it is also related to the inclusions. The less, the purer and more transparent the inclusions, the higher the value. However, natural gemstones are inevitably contaminated, and the suspicion of completely transparent and flawless gemstones such as rubies and emeralds is very large. Among all kinds of cockroaches, cracks are the most taboo. Gems are rapidly cooled at the heat treatment temperature, or cracks or corners are generated during the grinding vibration and collision, which will reduce the value of the stone.

General Rule 3: You all know, you love to buy big

Gems are often in carats, one gram is equal to 5 carats. The price of gemstones is closely related to the size. If the price of a carat is 100,000 yuan, then 2 carats will definitely not be 200,000 yuan, but at 20 More than 10,000 yuan, because the bigger the more rare, the more expensive.

General Rule 4: Not superstitious, can not be fooled

Although the origin can provide the guarantee of identity, the gemstones in the same mining area also have good quality and bad quality. The same country also has different mining areas, and the price is also very different. In addition, most of the gemstones are produced by the store, and the average consumer knows the place of origin. It can be used as a reference when purchasing, but it is not necessary to be around. The main reason is to look at the color of the gem itself. To see more and compare it, you can enhance your appreciation. ability.

[mystery time]

Superstition 1: Chinese believe that Hibiscus crystal can attract peach blossoms, and beads can promote health.

Puzzle: If you are sick, a friend sent Dzi Beads, it is their heart and blessings. After you see it, your mood will improve, and it may promote the recovery of your illness. As for the Taohua flower, after purchasing the Furong stone crystal, you may pay more attention to your daily dressing, words and deeds, etc., and then with the Furong stone crystal will be more fascinating, it should play the role of extra points for peach blossoms. .

Superstition 2: Some people like to buy jewelry from world-renowned brands. So, do these brand-name jewelry also have the value of collecting investment?

Puzzle: Of course, there are some collection values, but the price of brand-name jewelry is generally 5 to 10 times that of ordinary jewelry. In the future, it may be the limited edition of the brand or the jewelry worn by celebrities. And rich people prefer to buy new jewellery, because the style will be more innovative, and the new jewellery texture will be better than the old one. So in general, brand-name jewellery will add value, but the increase is not high, because the brand value attached to it is expensive.

Superstition 3: Buying gems, most afraid of buying expensive or buying fakes, is there any good way to avoid these problems?

Puzzle: Now the gemstones are usually accompanied by an identification certificate. This is a good way to prevent fakes. Therefore, Bao Jie always said that to buy a gem, you must look for a certificate. If it is a foreign-made gemstone, it will be accompanied by the GIA of the United States Gemological Institute or the Swiss GRS colored gemstone identification certificate; if it is domestic, there will be a national gem certificate of its own national appraisal institution, and China's NGTC is the only partner of GIA in mainland China. In addition, at the provincial and municipal levels, there are also their own testing institutions with nationally recognized qualifications. If you are not at ease, it is recommended to run a few more to do the identification. After all, for a few hundred thousand tens of thousands of jewels, the identification fee is really negligible.

Superstition 4: How is the price of a gem determined?

Puzzle: The biggest problem with gems is that there is no absolute standard price. The so-called "gold is valuable, jade is priceless." The price of colored gemstones has a lot to do with the international economic climate. The good market is good, and the price will rise every month. At present, there are many hot money in China, and many people want to find opportunities to make money. Therefore, when investing in colorful treasures, prices will rise. Once again, the gems you like should start early, and you will often regret it later.

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