MIKIBANA Mi Bana Women's dress to create autumn and winter gorgeous style college sweet and elegant style

MIKIBANA2014 autumn and winter new products draw inspiration from the color artist Chagall's works, boldly use the gorgeous candy colors with a simple trend of fun fashion, detonate the youthful visual trend of the future.

In the dark autumn and winter season, if you want to decorate yourself with gorgeous colors, bright yellow with bright eyes is a good choice. Use vibrant colors like bright yellow to dedicate yourself to a different style of charming elegance.

The color of the yellow sweater is very clear, and it always attracts everyone's attention. The design of the clothing hem is ingenious, so that the focus is on the bright upper body, so that the yellow close-knit, the next girl's appeal, fresh and sweet, more cordial. Selecting a yellow sweater in winter with a pair of tight pants or a small skirt is a super simple and yet unadorned collocation method that makes dressers look particularly sweet and full of academic style.

Yellow is the popular color of current trends. The loose yellow knit sweater is comfortable and wild, giving people a feeling of lazy leisure. The bright yellow can quickly make you the focus of the crowd.

The color mosaic is the trend of the three major IT LOOK popular this fall and winter T station. In the design of autumn/winter 2014 new products, MIKIBANA drew inspiration from the works of color artist Chagall, boldly used the design features of bright candy colors, color blocks, all have basic easy-to-wear styles, accompanied by a simple and fashionable fashion trend, detonated. Full of futuristic youth visual trends.

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