Let street shot tell you the collocation rules of 7 kinds of high heels

This site on December 24 hearing, as the saying goes "good horse with a good saddle", in the fashion circle must be equipped with good shoes. It is not a pair of shoes that can be freely combined with all the clothes in the closet. There is no corresponding mistake in the following 7 kinds of high-heeled shoes, so that your collocation becomes more accurate.


High-heeled sandals

High-heeled sandals with a variety of clothes can achieve the elegant and stylish overall effect. To achieve the best results, you can use high-heeled sandals with a rich pattern, or even a top with an embroidered pattern, to achieve the reverse effect. As for lace, the finer the better. If you wear a simple casual clothes, you can choose high-heeled sandals with rich details to match them. For example, the collocation on the right side of the figure.


high-heel boots

In fact, you don't have to wait until the cold season to wear high-heeled boots to go out. And, contrary to the high cold that sometimes comes with high-heeled sandals, high-heeled boots can always make the wearer's temperament more affinity. A pair of hard-looking high-heeled boots with a soft layered top makes the whole person look casual and casual. Well-fitted fit boots can also be well-matched with multi-level clothing.


Thick heel shoes

Coarse heel shoes are very cautious. If they are good, they can add a lot to the overall situation. If the match is bad, everything is possible. Loose jeans can actually be paired with coarse heel shoes to create a casual overall feel. In fact, it is very simple to match rough heel shoes, just use other loose-looking clothing to match, so that the overall balance can be. For example, in the middle and right, simple coats or coats that look like weight are added to the simple tops.


Open toe high heels

The popularity of open-toed high heels is increasing. The exposed toe heels on the back of the ankle, as shown in the figure, look very design, and it is also very eye-catching with the skirt. In fact, open-toe high heels can be used with ladies' culottes, tight pants or short skirts.


Water platform high heels

The heel of the high-heeled platform heel has been extended from the toe end to the rear end of the shoe, so the front and back have heels, so its heightening effect is the best. In fact, these shoes and rough heels have a similar sense of sight, so they can be paired with many casual clothes, and it looks like the whole will be casual. On the other hand, it has the advantage that it does not lose grace like rough shoes. Water platform high heels always balance well with elegant clothing. Water platform high heels can be paired with long skirts to make the wearer look taller (pictured left), but it does not work well with short skirts.


Pointed high heels

Sharp-heeled shoes are the mainstay of many girl shoe cabinets. For decades, pointed high heels have always been the mainstream of high heels, and they work well with many clothes. Xiao Bian's only advice to readers is: If there are no pointed shoes, then quickly buy a pair.



This is one of the most popular shoes in the summer. Wedges are comfortable to wear and can make wearers look taller. The effect of the skirt will be very good with it. If you wear a soft long skirt, you can use a multi-level combination to balance the whole. (Collaborative Media: Shiny Danny Women's Shoes, Zenidan Shoes)

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