Geometric mosaic IK women's 2015 spring new women's new collocation recommended

The triangle is the best graph for stability. The internal angle is 180 degrees, and it is divided into acute angle, right angle and obtuse triangle. Divide the knowledge that these once learned, but do not know these monotonous figures can form the pattern of full of individuality, the colorful color graffiti is on top, let ordinary clothes look so special.

Dress: K51413128 Blue color flower Color geometric mosaic mute fabric, waist S type dress

T-shirt: K51113126 beige white wave knit texture T, loose profile, fashion wild

Short skirt: K51311168 blue colored flower color geometric mosaic muted waist, bag hip fashion skirt

Top: K51154137 Blue Color Waist Fashion Top, Skirt Design

Trousers K Prussian Blue Stretch comfortable fabric, webbing hit color details, very wide version

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