Is the jade bracelet valuable?

The jade bracelet is a very popular product in the market today. Is the jade bracelet valuable?

The price of the jade bracelet is not as high as that of Hetian jade and jade, ordinary people can afford it, and its price and quality have a very big relationship.

Color, the color of jade jade is very rich, but the best quality is green, followed by yellow, the more bright the jade bracelet is, the higher the price, if the jade bracelet has a very strange and rare pattern, then The price of this jade bracelet is very high, and some will even exceed jade.

Transparency, the price of the jade bracelet is very much related to the transparency. The transparency of the jade bracelet seen on the market today is mostly translucent or translucent, transparent or slightly transparent jade bracelet. Very few can be seen, so the price of the high-transparent jade bracelet is also very high.

The texture, the better the quality, the more delicate the texture of the jade bracelet. The surface of the jade will have a lot of crystal particles, and the size of these particles determines the fineness of the jade. The finer the grain, the more the texture is. exquisite.

Clarity, clarity refers to the cleanliness of the jade bracelet, to see if it has impurities. If it is a transparent jade bracelet, you can observe the internal situation of the jade bracelet to judge its good or bad.

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