China's first "high-density ceramic" jewelry is popular all over the world

Spring has a hundred flowers and autumn months, and there are cool winds in winter and snow in winter. In this colorful and splendid season, the Chinese jewelry family has added a new member - "high-density ceramics". It is the crystallization of technology, has bright colors, achieves the high hardness of gem grade 8, and can directly cut crystal glass; it is the first time in China to apply this technology to the jewelry industry, which will reverse the market definition of gemstones; It is no longer unfamiliar in the world and has been displayed in the showcases of luxury brands for a long time. Today, the new members of the Chinese jewelry family will bring this international wind to the domestic market, and it is bound to smash new jewellery. It has come, and the glory has stepped into the Chinese market, shaking the market, and a new era of jewelry is coming soon!

Ceramics has an indelible contribution to China's 5,000-year cultural development. It represents the evolution of culture and witnesses the replacement of dynasties. From the earliest pottery, it developed into blue-and-white porcelain and Tang Sancai, closely following the footsteps of history. Today it is widely used in aerospace technology, precision instruments, luxury goods and other fields. As a cutting-edge technology and culture, high-density ceramic jewellery will replace the scepter in the hands of the Egyptian Pharaoh, and the crown of the Queen of England will become a new identity and status mark.

For five thousand years in China, jewellery has always been one of the shining points of the elite class, and it has been shining to attract the attention of the world. Today is the glory of China, and more and more labels declare different cultures and status. High-density ceramic jewellery will continue to witness the history, add a strong stroke to the more splendid chapters of this era, lead the fashion and trend, detonate the jewelry market in the north and south of the country, the era of willfulness, open our eyes, let the color dazzle, let this The times dance with us to witness the birth of miracles!

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