Showgirl Auto Show Phantom Hits Popular Women's Shoes

This site December 26th, 2014, the 12th Guangzhou Auto Show 2014 has just ended, domestic and foreign brand models gorgeously debuted in the Guangzhou Baiyun Sports Center, this year's auto show although the heat has declined compared to the old year, but businesses are eager to seize This last "straw" in December. On the eve of the opening of the auto show, media from all walks of life exchanged information on the auto show and vigorously promoted the auto show.

The SUV series and the new energy-saving and eco-friendly vehicles that are driven by electric power are popular at this show. Among them, the Mercedes-Benz Viano that is known as the “Mission-level MPV” matches the business model of “high-end business”. Luxury SUV product NX series spindle-shaped family front face design has seen the minds of young people, pure electric car Roewe E50 green car hottest. The customers who came to the auto show to visit the car, indispensable and indispensable to the various businesses for the auto show specially equipped with the car models, their glamorous, slim graceful body spike a lot of film!

Guangzhou Car Model Phantom

The height of the models is more than 180cm, standing next to the luxury car also highlight the charm of the car, so that after the customers have stopped and took out SLR, camera, mobile phone freeze this wonderful moment, the model expression attractive, The eyes are full of power, and they all have different styles. They are sexy and charming. They are sporty and lively. They are cold and noble, and they put on a variety of "Bushi" shots. All areas of the car show are surrounded and the live music is very passionate.

It is reported that there are a large number of sexy models in the sportswear of the auto show. Although the remaining models of the miniskirts and high-heeled high-heeled shoes occupy the majority, the models of sportswear are also very eye-catching. Their tank tops were paired with shorts, matched with sports stockings and high-intensity sneakers. They were not as tall as high-heeled shoes, but because they wore fashionable sneakers with increased height, they appeared to have better body proportions.

Internally elevated shoes are already very popular in the model industry. A car model at the scene mentioned in an interview with reporters: “When we attend the show, especially when there are some sports exhibits, our dresses must match the sports theme. Fashion increase shoes such as the Hess brand will come in handy.” The function of the inner high shoes is similar to that of high-heeled shoes, and high-end shoes worn by car models can still maintain a high level of confidence for the audience. (Cooperative Media: He Jinchang Increases Footwear)

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