The higher the price of Hetian jade, the higher the misunderstanding

In the market, many collectors believe that the whiter the price of Hetian jade is higher. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of cognition.

The better the quality of Hetian Yuyuebai is known, but in the industry, experts will put the texture in the first place. The fine, moist, white, and beautiful, fine, and moist nature is the problem of texture.

The quality of Hetian jade depends first on its texture, and it depends on the structure density and the degree of grease. The beauty of Hetian jade stems from its unique oily feel. The body is like a gel, and it is a source of beauty. However, the evaluation of the degree of grease and the examination of the structural texture are more professional, and the difficulty is far from being comparable to the whiteness.

The reason why we like Hetian jade produced in Xinjiang is that the reputation of its status is higher than that of nephrite produced in other places. The root cause is that the fineness and oiliness of Hetian jade produced in Xinjiang is incomparable to any other place. .

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