How to solve the problem of scratched tempered glass surface?

[China Glass Network] How to solve the problem of scratched surface of tempered glass:

With the continuous expansion of production scale, tempered glass has become more and more popular in people's lives, and various quality problems have followed. Among them, scratching, as a visible and flawed appearance defect, is even more prominent and has become a top priority. This problem is also a problem that has long plagued various tempered glass processing manufacturers. The author has long been engaged in a difficult problem in tempered glass deep processing manufacturers. In-depth and meticulous research was carried out on the scratching problem, and certain measures were taken to achieve good results.

Reason analysis and solution: After in-depth investigation, analysis and research, it is believed that the main factors causing scratching of tempered glass are man, machine, process and original glass.

1. Human factors: Among the factors that cause tempered glass scratches, human factors are crucial and difficult to grasp. The quality of the operator's quality directly affects the quality of the leaf of the tempered glass. The seriousness and responsibility of the production, the employees' ability to operate strictly according to the operating procedures, and the strength of the self-inspection will directly affect the final quality of the products. And all of this does not have a significant degree, and it varies from person to person. In response to this situation, our factory has carried out large-scale comprehensive training for employees in a planned and step-by-step manner, which has improved the quality awareness of employees. The vast majority of quality defects disappeared into the bud, thus radically reducing the occurrence of scratches.

2. Equipment factors: The production process of tempered glass is nothing more than four processes of cutting, edging, cleaning and drying, and tempering. The tempered glass scratches are mainly caused by the first three processes.

2.1 Cutting and cutting are divided into manual and fully automatic cutting machines, but the cutting table and the film table must be kept clean. In order to protect the glass, these countertops generally use a softer carpet as the surface, and it is easier to hide the glass swarf, which is more likely to cause long and deep scratches and directly lead to waste.

2.2 The edging of the edging glass is divided into rough grinding and fine grinding. The rough grinding equipment of our factory uses the diamond edging machine. The glass is supported by a universal wheel, and the glass is artificially ground near the high-speed rotating diamond wheel. After the equipment has been used for a period of time, the edges of the glass that have not been ground will cause the support wheels to become "hairy" and destroy their original integrity. The ground glass shards will be hidden in the hair and scratch the glass. To this end, we have modified the ordinary diamond edging machine. The glass is integrated by the suction cup and the universal wheel, because there is no relative scratch and it will not scratch the glass. If the cooling water of the straight line edging machine cannot be kept clean, the ground glass swarf remains in the pressure squeezing and glass contact through the water spray pipe, because the pressure transmitting plate is elastic, which will cause the relative sliding of the two. Therefore, the long-point scratch of the tempered glass is caused.

2.3 Cleaning and drying Our factory's washing machine uses imported equipment from South Korea. The washing water is directly drawn from the water tank by a water pump. After using the washing machine for a period of time, the washing water will be rich in glass swarf. This kind of glass swarf remains on the surface of the glass and the transfer roller with the washing water, which causes a long-point scratch similar to that of the linear edging machine. In response to this situation, we have modified the water tank. Three water tanks have been added, each with a water barrier. The three water tanks are filtered one by one, and each time the water is changed, only the water in the water tank of the front stage needs to be replaced, which not only ensures the product quality but also saves the water source.

3. Process factors:

(1) Be careful when placing the stack so that the bottom edge of the glass touches the support arm first, and then push the glass flat so that the points on the glass surface are as close as possible. Never let the glass touch at a certain angle and then wipe it down, which can easily cause thin and long scratches.

(2) Always put wood or paper between the glass. Since the glass is stacked on the turnover car, the glass is relatively unstable between the glass and the glass. The pulling of the turnover car can easily cause relative vibration between the glass, and if there is glass swarf or other hard objects between the glass, the glass will be scratched.

(3) Minimize the number of handling and use the assembly line. In view of the above analysis of the scratching problem in the processing of tempered glass, our factory has improved the process flow of the cold working process. In the cold processing process, the glass turnover car is used as little as possible, and after the glass is cut, it is directly transferred to the next process. The four edging machines each grind one side and then directly enter the cleaning section. When the glass is cleaned and stacked, the glass should be padded with soft paper or wood. Practice has proved that after the improvement, the problem of glass scratching in our factory is greatly reduced compared with the previous one.

4. Original glass factor: The original film selection of tempered glass is also very important. Some manufacturers' float glass itself is scratched. In addition, the stones and sand on the original glass will cause vibration between the glass during transportation, and cause secondary scratches during relative motion. The quality of float glass on the market today is much better than that of vertical lead. However, even if it is the same as float glass, there is a big difference. It is recommended to use the products of regular enterprises and better brand image manufacturers.

The problem of scratching tempered glass may be caused by one or more factors. Therefore, it should be strictly guarded at every step of the production process, strengthen management, and continuously improve. Strict inspection in the whole process of production to ensure the combination of self-inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection. Strengthen the training of quality awareness of all employees, so that each employee understands the importance of his work, and realize that each of his actions will have a major impact on the quality of the product and even the emergence of defective products and waste products. Only in this way can the problem of scratching the tempered glass be prevented to a large extent.

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