How to be a boyfriend who can wear clothes?

Many boys feel that there is a beautiful girlfriend, with not only make people envious of others, but also make themselves face, not knowing that most of the girls on their own boyfriend also have such a request. For boys, going out makeup naturally is not possible, then we should start with the clothing mix. So how to be a boyfriend who can wear clothes? The following small series for everyone to recommend two men with a model that allows you to transform into a fashion-type male, handsome and eye-catching, take a look at it! This dark blue woolen jacket, casual suit version of the cut, handsome and stylish, with yellow trim, enhance the visual effects, so that the overall color is not too boring, more quality texture. Paired with a dark gray textured cardigan sweater, under the olive green casual suit pants, coupled with a pair of stylish shoes and a bright yellow collar, is definitely a type with Oh! Although the classic black suit, it is significantly mature and stable, is a lot of boys must have money. But for young boys, to have the characteristics of the match to highlight their uniqueness. This maroon suit, self-cultivation version of the design, with individual colors, but the publicity, but also immediately create a different feeling, with the lake blue shirt + navy blue V-neck sweater + A black white wave point tie + maroon suit pants + a pair of stylish black shoes, small warm men's temperament Li Xian, absolute eye! Picture credit: KIR men's clothing

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