What fabric to wear the jacket inside the clothes

Now the most popular fabric than woolen, woolen cloth is the most popular autumn and winter fabrics, woolen cloth can be warm and very thin, Ni Ermai women's mature charm of the show, to teach you how to match the woolen jacket, woolen jacket inside What clothes with better look? NI Er wheat women with an ordinary coat with a stylish maturity charm.


A brown woolen jacket to take are black, black shirt + black bag skirts, with a brown woolen jacket such a color with looks relatively simple, but this dress is the most beautiful , Mature women do not need how much fancy colors to groom their own, so simple enough to attract attention on the dress.


Black woolen jacket is the most wild, it should be that he is black, many people like black because it can be used with any color, Xiaobian today to tell you how to match the black woolen jacket, NI Er wheat Women Black Coat take a white shirt + green package hip dress, that is significant professional temperament and very fresh, black coat with fresh look absolutely nice.

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