Tide brand A Bathing Ape 2015 spring and summer children's clothing series Lookbook

In recent years, the Japanese street brand A Bathing Ape has not only launched a women's branch line, but also created a children's clothing branch line for children, and has cultivated children's keen sense of street wear since childhood. Recently, the brand officially announced the latest 2015 Spring-Summer children's wear collection with Lookbook.

Compared to adult clothing, children's wear is designed more fancy and eye-catching, and uses a lot of brand-name camouflage and printing elements to create jackets, hoodies, shirts, T-shirts, polo shirts, pants, skirts and Caps and other single items are very much in line with the children's lively urchin temperament.

Women's Winter Clothes

Women's winter clothes style is fit for the winter, so almost basic style use bright-coloured print and dye for fabric, usually casual style needs embroidery and special print in the main parts of clothes or fabric. Nomally winter style in thick material which like cotton, polyester etc, and always in double layer lining and insert down, or use special lining as fur. winter clothes always make connect with hat or fur hat for warm.

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