The villagers of Changle County, Weifang, smashed 40 grams of sapphire and caused heated discussion among the people.

Recently, Xinjiang herders have unexpectedly caught news that resembles the Chinese map of the dog's head gold, and has received widespread attention. Coincidentally, Xu Xikang, a villager in Nanxu Village, Wutu Street, Changle County, is also a fortune in recent days. He accidentally picked up a sapphire weighing about 40 grams. The joy of the accident, the blessing of flying, is enviable.

Wutu Street in Changle County is known as the “Hometown of Chinese Sapphire” and “The First Town of Chinese Sapphire”. It is not a news to discover that gems are found, and the sapphire color and weight found are often refreshed, but unexpectedly like today Large sapphires are rare.

In the early morning of the day, many villagers worked as usual in the fields not far from the village. Suddenly, some people heard the shouts of gems. Everyone followed the sounds and saw the coming people happily dancing and dancing. A piece of sapphire wrapped in mud was printed in the eye, and everyone shouted to pass, touch, and admire the feelings.

The discoverer is Xu Xikang, Nanxu Village, and the people's teacher. It is said that on the same day he rode an electric car to the street to return to work, passing a farmland, and seeing everyone busy, he wanted to say hello in the past, did not expect to be stunned by the "foreign objects" under his feet, pick it up and think it was a Stone, also jokingly said: "If it is a piece of gems," Xu slowly wiped away the dirt and carefully looked at it. The blue texture was highlighted. This time, the old Xu music broke down and shouted "I It’s a jewel in the block, which is what makes everyone look.

When Xu returned home, the soil on the sapphire was weighed to about 40 grams, and the color was about 2-3. The family’s happiness is self-evident. Since the old Xu Wei to the gems, it has become a red man in the village. The people outside the village who are looking for a view are also in a constant stream. The villagers rushed to tell the story of the old Xu and the gem adventure.

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