Composition and Morphology and Maintenance of Cotton Fibers

Composition of cotton fiber: The main component of cotton fiber is cellulose, which accounts for about 94%. In addition there are sugars, waxes, proteins, fats, water-soluble substances, ash and other semi-sexual organisms.
The morphological structure of cotton fibers: cotton fibers are elongated and flat ribbons, longitudinal spiral zone, less immature fibers, cotton fiber cross section is elliptical or waist round, middle cavity, middle fiber in mature fiber Small, immature, large cavity, poor quality.
The basic characteristics of cotton fiber: cotton fiber is slender, soft, feel warm, good moisture absorption, and comfortable to wear, not easy to produce static electricity. Dyeing is better, gloss is darker, style is natural and simple. The wet strength of cotton fiber is stronger than that of dry fiber, and the heat resistance to moisture and heat is good. Therefore, the cotton fiber fabric is washable and can be soaked in hot water and dried at high temperature. Cotton fiber is not alkali-resistant, caustic soda will expand the diameter of the cotton fiber, shorten the length, fabric shrinkage occurs. If tension is applied at this time and the shrinkage is restricted, the cotton fiber fabric will become flat and smooth, and the dyeing performance and luster will be greatly improved. This processing is called mercerizing. Acidic substances make them damaged. For example, if the cotton fabrics are not cleaned or properly cleaned in a long time, the acidic substances in the human sweat will be yellow and fragile. Therefore, they should be promptly cleaned after being worn. Cotton fibers are prone to mildew and discoloration, and care should be taken during maintenance.
The disadvantages of cotton fiber are: poor elasticity, non-stiffness, easy wrinkling when worn, insufficient abrasion resistance, and thinning in places where it is often rubbed.

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