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Now the fashion sense is not only bright and beautiful appearance, but also pay attention to the inner, not to wear a good looking clothes can be resistant to, but the selection of underwear is also very important, the previous idea is to feel underwear worn indifferent, now people For underwear is also very much valued, Card Sibel underwear style, teach you how to choose the right underwear.


A black underwear is absolutely indispensable, regardless of which season is not black, black in the fall and winter, although not play any role, but in the spring and summer is very attractive, the clothing worn in spring and summer are relatively thin , Coupled with the effect of black perspective to show the sexy side, if the white shirt coupled with black underwear that effect is absolutely obvious.

卡诗贝尔内衣款式 黑色内衣搭配

Each woman has a girl heart, so a wave of love underwear style set off your girlhood, pink underwear must have one, Ke Shier Bell has long been ready for you, this spring and summer , Or the next fall and winter seasons for your girls heart to create the underwear for you style, make you more charming.

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