Pure material PP strap what advantages?

As a packaged item that is most commonly used in the packaging industry, the use of strapping has become very widespread. Nowadays, the strapping industry has been developed for more than 30 years. From the beginning, we purchased the current sub-category, sub-length, and sub-purpose pricing changes, which led to a shift in the entire strapping industry. As the industry grows, there are also many products with poor quality mixed into the market, such as: sandwich packaging belts, tons of packaging belts and so on. These seemingly inexpensive straps do not really bring convenience to all kinds of production.
Everyone knows that the raw materials for PP strapping are extracted from oil, and its price is closely related to the price of oil. With the shortage of global oil resources, many manufacturers began to think of new ways to produce products. Among the various strap types, PP straps that are made from pure materials are of the best quality. However, these straps are generally more expensive, since the demanders cannot afford to buy them, and the manufacturers come with higher costs. So on the market, the most popular is the packing belts that are mixed with other materials. For the same specifications of the strapping, the pure PP strapping tension is often 2 times that of other types, and the appearance of the gloss is better, the color is also more beautiful. The more pure the raw material is used, the more transparent the strapping will be.
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